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GJM Ultra Holdings
GJM Ultra Holdings

Financial Planning

Achieving your life goals and ensuring long-term financial security means implementing a financial plan and sticking to it. At GJM Ultra Brokers, we have a client base of over 1 500 medical practitioners.

Our Investment Book is more than a billion Rand under Asset Management. By partnering with us, you’re guaranteed peace of mind in knowing that your financial future is in the best hands.


Our financial planning begins with a full analysis of our client’s portfolio. We look at your life, disability, dread disease and income protection. We take your investments banking, stocks, ETF's, and unit trusts into consideration.


We also analyse your assets and liabilities, properties, share options in hospitals, investment shares as well as any other offshore investments or offshore properties that you might own. We believe that through financial planning, all debt associated with your portfolios can be settled. 


We are able to secure discounted rates from various insurance companies due to our book size. This puts our clients in a favourable position. Instead of paying for items that render no value unless an incident occurs, you can invest your money into assets.

GJM Ultra Holdings

New Client advice

At Ultra Holdings, we pride ourselves on our strong relationships with our clients. Our passionate team thrive on their ability to assist clients in securing their futures. As we are a specialist company that services only medical practitioners, we are in a favourable position to gain large discounts on life, disability, dread disease, income protection and short-term insurance products. This assists you in saving on insurance, so that you can build your assets.

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