GJM Ultra Brokers

FSP number: 26085

Specialist Financial Planning For Medical Practitioners


General advice to new customers

As we are a specialist company only for the medical fraternity we are able to gain large discounts re life, disability, dread, income protection and short term insurance products. As all of these products are not assets in your portfolio their costing is absolutely important. Most Doctors place a wealth of money into these products only to reach retirement with insufficient funds.

It is sad that most brokers are more interested in the commissions they earn on these products than the reality being that the same client will not be able to afford these life products at retirement due to lack of saving within their portfolios.

We as a company are interested in balancing our client’s portfolios, making them financially independent at retirement. We are a non commission driven company thus the reason why we choose to use asset managers for all our investments than insurance companies.

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